Lámpara hendidura portátil

Keeler – British manufacturing experience and quality delivering great value.

Precision machined aluminium chassis:
Keeler designed and manufactured with the strength to withstand the daily traumas of the demanding ophthalmic environment. Lightweight, durable and robust.

Advanced optics, x10 & x16 magnifications:
Top quality multi layered glass is crafted into our Keeler multi-element and multi-layer coated optical system to give maximum performance. Clarity is guaranteed.

Controllable illumination:
Proven halogen illumination system with over 2,000 hours of bulb life; illumination levels are controlled by a rheostat giving you control of your examination parameters. From zero to maximum, you choose.

Big Slit Lamp features, Portable usability:
Unique features such as the fixation targets, and the 1mm square light patch for assessing a/c flare set the new standard for Portable Slit Lamps.

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